What you can expect

Patient case activities

Once an accurate diagnosis has been achieved, the most appropriate and tailored treatment plan needs to be developed.

In the competence phase, a series of four case studies will help you understand the most appropriate acute treatment based on both the severity of the patient’s migraine and any contraindications or complications they may have. They will also look at the emerging therapies that could further optimize the acute treatment of migraine.

The case studies will cover:

  • Mild-to-moderate migraine attacks
  • Moderate-to-severe migraine attacks
  • Management of refractory migraine attacks
  • Management of patients with contraindications

eLearning module

To ensure optimal management of migraine, patients need to be regularly monitored and their treatment reviewed.

In this eLearning module you will be shown how to measure treatment success, utilizing patient-reported outcome (PRO) tools, to ensure a patient’s treatment is amended when required and patient satisfaction is improved.

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